We will explore the most beautiful places of Buenos Aires.

Share the best pics and videos of your visit to this great city with your family, friends and love ones. We’ll get you some fun shots from the best angles. Aerial videos are great! Get you your own customized video of the nicest locations in BA.

I will join you on your walk or tour around the city and will take some cool photos and fun videos for you to take home! I can show some nice photogenic places / spots so you can just focus on enjoying instead of having to look for them 🙂 There’s plenty of landmarks to choose from in BA. The tour is client / group focussed so you decide where to go!

SOME SUGGESTED LOCATIONS: Center area – La Boca – San Telmo – Recoleta – Palermo – Puerto Madero.

* All the tours include aerial photos, videos and photos taken with an SLR camera. The digital files will be available right after the tour or even while touring, if no editing is needed